Dream Home S7



Launched by Dragon TV, Dream Home is a reality show providing home improvements for less fortunate families. Taking a close look at the background and ongoing hardship of the family,it accomplishes the seemingly impossible home improvement dreams by coordinating with top designers and contractors.A tradition breakthrough in colors and soft furnishings, the program boldly shifts its focus to space and function. Taking the special requirements of the family into thoughtful consideration, those top designers bring a thorough makeover to homes despite of limited budgets and space. By visiting various types of families living in characteristic buildings throughout the nation and learning about their stories, it aims to explore the true essence of “home” and witness the happiness brought by home improvement.


Cong Li
Deputy director, Content Business Dept

Tina Jin 
Manager of Content Business Dept 

Kelly Zhan
Business Manager

July Qi
Manager of Content Business Dept

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