Dream Garden


Modern, Suspense, Romance

24eps x 45min/ep

Xiao Xiao, a blogger of an emotional public account, and Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor, had a grievance in a love variety show because of their disagreements. By coincidence, Xiao Xiao applied to be Lin Shen’s assistant. She hopes to enhance her emotional analysis expertise by learning professional psychology knowledge. Working and living together, the two solved a number of psychological cases and crises, such as fan’s delusions in love, online contrarians, attachment injury etc, which bring their hearts closer. Xiao Xiao’s enthusiasm and vitality have infected Lin Shen, who’s always been a cold fish, and Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao how to become an excellent professional psychological counselor. After the two experienced conflicts and crises, they finally discovered that love is hypnotic, and could make each other a better self.


Yinan Ding – Senior Manager, Overseas Distribution & Marketing


+86-135 8882 0198

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