Don’t be Shy


Modern, Romance

12eps x 35min/ep

Shi Qianjin, a domineering female president who believes that only wealth can fufil the value of life, inexplicably has a watch counting down to 30 days on her wrist after an accident. Unless she finds a way to stop, she will only have 30 days left in her life. While saving her father’s pet turtle, she comes across a pet funeral shop that could stop her watch. She gets to know Zhou Qingyan, the owner of the pet funeral shop whose outlook on life was completely opposite to hers. In order to continue her life, Shi Qianjin has to forcibly rent a house in the store and lives together with Zhou Qingyan, so as to obtain a fantasy and romantic sweet pet love.


Yinan Ding – Senior Manager, Overseas Distribution & Marketing

+86-135 8882 0198

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