Dino Trainers Season 4




Theme: Dinosaurs, Competition

Length: 32×13’

Synopsis: It’s about the story of a group of children who fight against greedy alien invaders with their dino partners in order to protect the dinosaurs and save the dinosaur world. The protagonist, Ritchie, lives a noisy but joyful life with his dino partner T-Rex. But one day, he and his friends were transported to the age of dinosaurs 200 million years ago by a dino soul crystal with mysterious power, and met the ancient dino who guarded the dinosaur world. It turned out that the dinosaur world was guarded by six powerful dino soul crystals. A group of alien invaders called the Demon Armor invaded the earth in order to grab the dino soul crystals. They didn’t even hesitate to enslave the dinosaurs and destroy the environment. In order to protect the dinosaurs and dinosaur world, Ritchie and his friends fought against the Demon Armor in the ancient dino’s guidance. In the adventure, they gradually became stronger and closer to their dino partners.


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