Descendants Of Dragon



TV show

The Descendants of Dragon is a parent-child show of the inheritance of Chinese ancient studies in China launched by Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV which aims to inherit and develop the essence of traditional culture among children.

The show compromises the merits of Chinese ancient studies and games perfectly with strong novelty, participatory and interactive fun.

With the main theme concept of ‘the land of Chinese ancient studies’, the fresh new quiz bank of it is composed with Idioms, poems, Chinese characters, and common knowledge of Chinese studies, and the refresh new added physical sensory quiz game set has an interesting punishment. All above make the contestants pleasant in answering questions on the spot. The show changed the common forms of quiz shows. It created the cartoon questioning form which presents the questions by cartoons. Children can learn the knowledge of Chinese ancient culture through games and changeable question types full of childishness and playfulness fun.


ZHEN WANG — Overseas Distributor
Tel:+86 15874155487

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