Curiosity Club


3D TV series  / Edutainment / Ages 0-3 years

Curiosity Club is a colorful and dynamic interactive show for preschoolers. Children aged 2-4 years old will join animated characters Watkins the dog, Bridget the rabbit and Jimmy the chicken as they collaborate with real kids in a

wondrous world of learning and fun. The program presents the concept of opposites (big and small, light and heavy) through simple demonstration, encouraging young audiences to remain curious about the world they live in.

Curiosity Club is designed to improve the cognitive abilities of young children, whilst also developing dexterity and social skills, through observation, practice and play. Join Watkins, Bridget and Jim on their ever-curious adven

tures in the edutainment world!



Kristina Razmerova — Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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