Cosmicrew: Storm Force


Animated film

A decade ago, Storm’s father, Thunder, was snatched off by Doctor Dino Rage who invaded Earth. What disappeared altogether was the entire Blue Tiger Village. Today, Storm has become captain of Cosmicrew, and he accidentally learns that Thunder and Doctor Dino Rage are likely to be trapped in another dimension, a planet in the parallel universe. By creating a dimensional chasm, Storm and his company reach there and find the blue tigers that have long been missing. Turns out, the energy wave that Doctor Dino Rage generated unexpectedly transferred himself and the village to another chasm. He imprisons lots of villagers there for experiment, including Thunder. Storm rescues his father who has been tortured to the point of complete memory loss. Who could have thought that when the chasm is reopened, Doctor Dino Rage also descends upon Earth. Worse still, his legion of dino-beasts come close to taking over the planet. At the critical juncture, Storm awakens Thunder. The two and the rest of Comsicrew triumph over all the enemies, and Earth sees peace again.

Cosmicrew: Storm Force (Teaser):


Fei Li – Producer/International Business

+86 18513611477

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