Cosmicrew: Steel Armored T-Rex


Animated series

One day, a spaceship from a distant place lands on Earth, and two peculiar figures emerge from within—Thunderbolt the T-Rex and Dr. Sunny the Sabre-toothed Rat. With evil plans and high-tech equipment, the pair attempt to take over Planet Earth, claiming themselves the rightful owners. In order to maintain peace and stability on Earth and protect its inhabitants, the Cosmicrew must take on this new challenge with renewed wit, bravery, and courage. Cosmicrew: Steel Armored T-Rex conveys the importance of positive energy, wisdom, and friendship. Stunning animations, gripping plots, and plenty of belly laughs await you in this latest season. Let’s join the Cosmicrew and see what excitement lies ahead. Cosmicrew, set out!

Season 4: 13min*52 ep

Cosmicrew: Steel Armored T-Rex (Trailer):


Fei Li – Producer/International Business

+86 18513611477

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