Cosmicrew 1


Animated series

COSMICREW is a 3D animated series developed and produced by Perfect World Animation (Beijing) (owned and operated by Perfect World Investment & Holding Group). The fun-filled comedic adventure series features four cosmic rangers: courageous team leader Storm the tiger, fun-loving man of action Flash the monkey, and science genius Rainbow the rabbit. From the Cosmicrew Base—their headquarters on Earth—they launch into mission after mission, helping animals across the globe using not only their high-tech Cosmicrew gear, but also their own strength, courage and smarts. Every exciting encounter helps Storm, Flash, Rainbow and Meteor discover the amazing abilities each animal possesses. Each episodes takes its young viewers on an adventure-filled journey that inspires curiosity about the animal kingdom and the natural world, while also encouraging them to build wholesome friendships, develop teamwork skills, and overcome challenges with determination.

Season 1: 12.5min*52 ep

Cosmicrew S1 (Trailer):


Fei Li – Producer/International Business

+86 18513611477

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