About CICAF “Golden Monkey King Awards” Contest


Sponsored by China Media Group, “Golden Monkey King Awards” is a top brand builder for CICAF, and stands for a contest prestigious to all cartoonists and animated program makers and their enthusiasts worldwide, in which all entries and artworks to manifest a good future and destiny of human beings, as decent, orchestrated, and particularly out of original thinking, are encouraged and celebrated.

We wish the Awards as an event to bring more people an access to cartoon and animated features, make the business a gold mine, find more young artists, and steer the way for the whole industry in China to transformation,upgrading and sustainable development. Entries we consider excellent will be recommended to show and play at the session for matchmaking & networking. The Awards is classified into two major categories for overseas entries: the General Award and the Promising Award. Please find here: https://jhj.cicaf.com/en for registration and submission!

E-mail: monkeyking@cicaf.com

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