Boonie Cubs 4


3D TV series / Edutainment / Ages 0-3 years

Join young Briar, Bramble, Vick and friends at scenic Pine Tree Kindergarten where you can learn everything from the value of friendship, to the complexities of science, to the wonder of nature and all that’s in between. With 182 episodes spanning four distinct seasons, there is no shortage of adventure to be had.

Every 13-minute episode encourages independence and growth through play and exploration. An array of adorable characters promote skills such as problem solving, collaboration, creativity and resilience in this vibrant animation as they overcome challenges, face their fears and discover just how magical the world is.

Boonie Cubs is a well-loved spin off from the popular Boonie Bears series, featuring young versions of many popular characters and some brand new faces too. Each season is an exciting journey for our little friends.



Kristina Razmerova — Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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