Boonie Bears: The Adventurers 2


3D TV series / Comedy / Exploration / Wilderness Survival / Ages 6-11 years

Pine Tree Mountain’s forest has become a national preserve and tourism is booming. It’s now home to some new animal residents like the circus animals from Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret. After Wolfgang’s defeat in season one, he sends a new henchman, young super scientist Rex Vector and his hamster sidekick Mister Pete, to secretly capture animals. Carly returns home after finding her best friend Kitty. She misses the friends she made and goes back during breaks from school to help out. With her return, Carly, Vick, and the bears find themselves drawn into situations in new settings with some new wild friends. They have to work together to protect the animals and forest they love. They strive to defend justice, protect their friends, and keep Pine Tree Mountain safe from Wolfgang and Rex Vector.



Kristina Razmerova – Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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