Boonie Bears: Monster Plan 2


3D TV series / Comedy / Environmental Protection / Friendship / Ages 6-11 years

The failure of Rex Vector’s robo-monster brings him back to Pine Tree Mountain in Boonie Bears: onster Plan II. Accompanied once again by his adorable but evil sidekick Mister Pete, Rex Vector sets out to

collect broken pieces of the energy stone. Of course, rebuilding the power source for his monster is not so easy with Briar, Bramble and Vick protecting the forest – the bear brothers’ way.In this season, audiences learn more about the true power of the energy stone and the lengths Rex Vector will go to in order to complete his evil mission. Each episode of this action-packed sci-fi adventure is sure to excite and engage viewers with a power struggle between good and evil.The question is, which side will come out on top?



Kristina Razmerova – Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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