Growing up and other lies


Genre: Film Action Thriller

After struggling for years as an artist in new York, Jake is calling it quite and returning home to Ohio. On his last day in the city, he persuades his three oldest friends to help him retrace their attempt to reclaim the glory of their early 20s doesn’t go quite as planned. Over the course of the day, buried conflicts emerge as Jake becomes embrolled with his girlfriend and his friends dip into their own crises of manhood.

Director: Darren Grodsky – Danny Jacobs

Cast: Adam Brody – Wyatt Cenac – Danny Jacobs

Duration: 1h 30 min

Year: 2014

Contact info:

Serena Lastrucci – International Sales


Phone: +39 3487650618 – +39 3518244323  

Trailer of the film

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