Out of This World


Every single kid, no matter where they live, is always temped to do the forbidden or dangerous things. Frank (Franio) is a typical teenager who gets into impossible troubles. Luckily for him – mysterious Charles, an elder wizard, always lends him a helpful hand. Thanks to him, Frank gets out of troubles and finds the solution. Frank learns that having the right attitude and following universal moral values usually gives the best results. He finds out that being a bad person is not worthwhile as evil begets more evil and only good creates more goodness. He gets to know among others the sense of forgiveness and the power of” I’m sorry”. He also finds out that the Saints and the good people have all their weaknesses and flaws. The kids like Out of The World because devil-looking Ravens are clumsy and funny. The parents appreciate the show as the only one at the market promotes international values such as: respect of each other, helping others and being good.

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