Just for Laughs Gags


Genre Comedy / Pranks / Gags

Enjoy all of the comedic relief provided by the world’s longest running and most adored prank show, where unsuspecting people get roped into hilarious situations, concocted by the JUST FOR LAUGHS GAGS’ experts. Right now and around the world people of all ages, cultures and nationalities are laughing along with Just for Laughs Gags.

22 seasons (381 x 30 min)

Airing in 200+ territories

Social Media: More than 6 billion views for selected clips

SCREENERS – PW: Distributions

Password: Distributions

Gags Season 22 Episode 10 :

Gags Season 20 Episode 9:

GAGS season 22 episode 13 :

GAGS Season 21 episode 6 :

Contact information:

Fred Joubaud
Director of Content & Strategic Partnerships
Just for Laughs
Tel: +1 647 278 6848

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