Vencer El Pasado/ Overcoming The Past




EPISODES: 85 X 60’


Renata Sanchez Vidal, is a young and prominent molecular biologist, with a bright future and is about to marry Alonso Cancino. She is accused of being an unfaithful and traitor bride, due to a video in which she appears passionately kissing a stranger, which quickly goes viral in social media. This event has serious consequences for Renata. Her wedding is cancelled and she loses her job. Everything gets worse when Renata finds out that Alonso copyrighted her valuable research project. After much effort, Renata manages to get a job at Biogenelab, a high-end genetic laboratory. Despite her constant struggle in a sexist environment, where, unfortunately, Alonso also comes to work, Renata soon receives the support from Biogenelab’s respected owner, Lisandro Mascaró.

To her regret, Renata is attracted to the mysterious and alluring Mauro Alvarez, a newly arrived computer scientist at Biogenelab, who is not who he claims to be, and whose objective within the company is to avenge his father. At first, Mauro and Renata don’t get along well and he will even question her professional capacity simply for being a pretty woman and unable to “handle her emotions”. Carmen Medina, who has been hired as a receptionist, also arrives at Biogenelab; she left her lefe pushed by the scorn she experienced after the disclosure of an explicit video showing one of the many infidelities committed by her husband, who was also abusive to her. Along with Carmen, her children Ulises, Oliver and Danna arrive in Mexico. After the impact of seeing her family dissolved, she becomes addicted to her cell phone and social media, where she creates a life for herself that will dangerously bring her closer to a predator. Another Biogenelab employee is Mariluz Blanco, a young woman who fled a digital lynching after her boyfriend exhibited a sex video of the two of them. Jusst when she seems to have overcome the incident, her past comes to light, while she receives an offer to be a surrogate womb in exchange for resolving her financial future. On the other hand, things don’t improve for Renata as she discovers she suffers from a liver disease, a situation that will make her realize that she is not part of the family she grew up with. Thus, Renata, Carmen, Mariluz and Danna will share bonds that will unite them in their struggle against the social inhumanity that they suffered in the past.

Contact Information:

Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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