Si Nos Dejan/ If They Let Us




EPISODES: 83 X 60’


Alicia has the perfect family. She has been married to Sergio, a star television journalist, for thirty years. They have three children and are the epitome of the perfect family. They often appear on magazine covers and in newspaper reports. Alicia thinks all this with some satisfaction as she attends a TV studio rehearsal for the event where days later her husband will receive the National Journalism Award.  What Alicia doesn’t realize is that her perfect life is only hours away from being shattered. After receiving an anonymous message requesting her to meet her at a certain address, Alicia decides to go to the apartment, she opens the door since no one answers her call. Drawn by the moans of a woman, she discovers Sergio’s clothes on her way to the bedroom, where she catches her husband making love to another woman. The world comes crashing down on Alicia.

Contact Information:

Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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