S.O.S Me Estoy Enamorando/ Sos I´M Falling In Love




EPISODES: 92 X 60’



Alberto Muñoz Cano is a young professional silkscreen printer, who runs the family silkscreen workshop. It is a prestigious and traditional workshop. The silkscreen printing workshop is located in the house, and both, home and workshop, are part of the daily life of the Muñoz Cano family: Delia, the mother; Leonor, the sister-in-law; widow of Alberto’s twin brother; Romina, Leonor’s daughter, born with cognitive problems; Monica, the younger sister, sexy and attractive woman always looking for love; and Vicente, a blind man and Alberto’s and the family’s best friend. Thanks to an act of heroism, Alberto meets Federico (7 years old) whom he saves from a fire that was consuming his apartment. This is how he meets Sofia, Federico’s mother. Sofia is a psychologist who devotes her life to her work and her son, she is somewhat reluctant to love, due to a bad experience she had when she married Diego, Fede’s father.

Sofia and Alberto begin a relationship, being strongly attracted to each other from the very first moment, but their relationship is soon hindered by the reappearance of Federico’s father and Titi, suggesting Alberto is the father of the baby she is expecting, Alberto, who is a good man, reacts to this by taking responsibility for the baby, but not as Titi’s partner. However, for Sofia it is a big problem because Titi is her friend, something that Omar skillfully uses to make himself essential in Sofia’s life. Omar, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He pretends in front of everyone to be an honest man, deeply in love with Sofia, and yet he is a sinister guy who only wants power and money. He killed his wife, making his mother-in-law believe that she left him, and he constantly milks the Foundation. He will be Alberto’s true rival.

Leopoldo, Sofia’s father, is a charming man. Elsa, his wife and mother of Sofía, is a simple woman devoted to her home. The family that Leopoldo managed to build is a model, but what no one knows is that Leopoldo has a double life: he started another family with Inés and their teenage daughter, Anita. Leopoldo has managed to avoid being discovered using all sorts of tricks. At the beginning of our story everything was under control, until Sofia meets Anita when she joins the school where she works, this quickly becomes a friendship that transcends the school environment, and transcends to both, Elsa’s and Inés’ homes. Each of the situations that the charming and complex characters of our story bring with them, will have a happy ending, keeping, at all times and above all things, the good values that are shown by the story of the Muñoz Cano family from the very beginning.

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