Mi Fortuna Es Amarte/ Your Love Is My Fortune




EPISODES: 87 X 60’



Natalia Robles is a morally flawless woman who has been married to Adrián Cantú for many years. Our story begins at her twentieth anniversary party, where her daughters, Adrián’s lover Verónica, who is also Natalia’s best friend and the girlfriend of Adrián’s partner, Mario, are present. Adrian and Veronica have hatched a plan to flee on the same day of the celebration and once they have swindled the clients of the real estate agency of which Adrian, Veronica and Mario are partners. Natalia collapses when she discovers that she has been betrayed, but she must also immediately solve her financial situation since Adrián has left her broke; she is devastated, but with determination she resolves to help her daughters get ahead. In a poor neighborhood, Vicente Ramírez grieves the terrible loss of Lucía, his wife and mother of his only son Benjamín. Little Benjamín becomes mute because of the impact of his mother’s death. Vicente is a kind and sensitive man who has taken care of his family’s financial stability. The lives of Natalia and Vicente come together when he and the other creditors come to the real estate company to claim the money that was swindled from them. Natalia representing her husband, together with Mario, plead for time for them to be able to compensate the financial damage. Natalia is left with only one house in a popular neighborhood where she must move in with her daughters. When she arrives, she finds out that Vicente is the supposed owner of the house, since he signed an invalid sales contract, which makes Natalia the real owner. Vicente refuses to receive them, but Natalia moves into the house that both will now share with their respective families. Living together brings Natalia and Vicente closer. Without realizing it, he has fallen in love with the strength and tenderness that she has displayed, little by little Natalia will discover that after all the pain she has gone through, she is ready to give herself a second chance, and this time it will be with Vicente. 

Contact Information:

Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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