Los Ricos También Lloran/ The Rich Also Cry




EPISODES: 60 X 60’



THE RICH ALSO CRY is the story of Mariana, a poor, young and brave girl who, being left alone in the world, must find her own way in life. Fate has her save Alberto Salvatierra’s life, who gratefully takes her to live in his house where she meets the young Luis Alberto Salvatierra and they fall deeply in love. But in order to fulfill their love, they will have to overcome barriers related to class and education. Leonardo and Soraya’s presence will be a constant feature that will fill their lives with the regret of their ambitions and betrayals hidden in the shadows of power. When they succeed to realize their love, life will still bring them a bitter tragedy in the loss of their son. Due to a disturbance in Mariana’s mind, she accidentally abandons the baby in the street and he is the victim of a fire. However, while everyone believes that the child is dead, Mariana will carry on looking for him at the cost of her marriage collapse, while Luis Alberto struggles with his gambling addiction and the pressure of keeping his wealth afloat. Over 18 years, the story takes another course; Mariana manages to find her son, Beto. María Isabel, her adopted daughter, and Robby, the daughter of a businessman, form the new generation of this story where new challenges emerge. With the passage of generations, they will understand that tragedies are to be overcome and that pain only makes them stronger.

Contact Information:

Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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