Amor Dividido/ Split Heart




EPISODES: 85 X 60’


Abril and Max have nothing in common: she is very Latina, he is very “gringo”. While Abril’s family comes first, Max’s priority is being successful in business. She loves living in her hometown and working in the fields. He, while being part Mexican, has completely overlooked his roots and is happy living in a first world country. It would be difficult for these two people to fall in love, but for a variety of reasons and against their will, they both move to Mexico City and their lives begin to change radically, until they come together amidst the loneliness and disappointment in which their respective partners have left them. Debra, Max’s wife, divorces because she can’t get used to the country from which her parents moved years ago. On the other hand, Bruno, Abril’s husband, and Hugo’s father, abandons her because his dream is to live in the United States making dollars to get ahead. To everyone’s surprise, when Max discovers that his new wife has a son, he forgives Abril for keeping it a secret from him, because he understands and appreciates the sacrifices that a mother has made to get her son back. Max is determined to help her reunite with Hugo so that the three of them can be a real family.

Contact Information:

Mario Castro
Director of Sales Asia & Africa
Televisa International
M. + 1 305 775 8312

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