The Walking Liberty


Genre: Animation

Synopsis: The world has come to an end. Nature has taken back possession of the planet, covering it in a blanket of jungle. A new society, the Institution, is attempting to thrive from the ruins of the old world, striving to reinstate a sense of order. But not everybody accepts to succumb to a process of civilization… We will tell the story of two free spirits of the jungle who are striving to find their place in the world. Yaya is an intelligent 15-year-old mixed race girl with an uncouth character. Lennie is a big and tall man in his twenties with a mental handicap. Yaya takes care of Lennie.

Director: Alessandro Rak

Duration: 110’

Year: 2020

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Contact Info:

Margherita Zocaro — International Sales
Phone: +39 335 7557907

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales

Rai Com


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