The Swan Company 1- 2


Genre: Contemporary Drama

Synopsis: Seven talented young musicians, enrolled at the Giuseppe Verdi conservatory in Milan, are forced to measure themselves against life, rules and discipline. They have to work with a very tough director who asks them to push always harder. Beetween ‘coming of age’ and dramedy, «The Swan Company» is a colorful series, representing the contraddictions of the world we live in thorugh the eyes of the young generation. In the story there is love, passion, disappointments and fears entertwined with music: the boys are real musicians with special talents.

The young protagonists play different instruments in the conservatory’s orchestra and each one of them feels alone, focuses on cultivating an ambition that seems individual. The Maestro Marioni, known as “the Bastard”, forces them to practice together, gives support to them, especially to Matteo, that started the school in the second semester. The closeness and affection that the class begin to experience in being together, will lead them to create a group of friends called “Swan Company”.

Director:  Ivan Cotroneo

Cast: Alessio Boni, Anna Valle

Duration: 24 x 50’

Year: 2019-2020

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