The Ladies’ Paradise 1-7


Genre: Period Drama

Synopsis: The Ladies’ Paradise is a revolutionary store in Milan, where beauty and luxury are within everyone’s grasp. Thanks to the intuition of Pietro Mori, the store rows during the economic boom of the ‘50s. Teresa, a store assistant, has the courage to speak up and change her destiny. Day after day, she faces and is challenged by her environment which to her seems both fascinating and hostile.

Directors: Monica Vullo, Riccardo Mosca, Isabella Leoni, Marco Maccaferri, Riccardo Mosca, Francesco Pavolini

Cast: Giuseppe Zeno, Giusi Buscemi, Alessandro Tersigni, Roberto Farnesi, Gloria Radulescu

Duration: 860 x 45’

Contact Info:

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales

Rai Com


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