Fellini. I’m A Clown (It: Fellini. Io Sono Un Clown)


Genre: Bios

Synopsis: the documentary tells, through the backstage of «Director’s Block Notes» and «The Clowns», Fellini’s relationship with cinema and television. Peter Goldfarb, the Block Notes producer, talks about his relationship with Fellini and lesser-known anecdotes. The music marks the unedited scenes and Fellini is told not only as a director but also as a character: thoughtful, skillful but also uncertain. Uncertainty that Mastroianni perceives when he does not feel the trust of the director, his guide. The same uncertainty about the transition from cinema to television emerges, through the director’s own words, initially seen as an opportunity to speak to a different audience, and then disappointed. The carefully selected images manage to convey Fellini’s path and his «vision» emerges through the expressive faces of the actors and their specimens in a mosaic of strange characters, sets and unpublished claps. The relationship with the circus and clowns is striking: Fellini himself speaks of his passion for the circus since childhood and of «grotesque clowns as delusional drunken ambassadors of a vocation with no escape»: cinema.

Director: Marco Spagnoli

Duration: 50’

Contact Info:

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales
Email: Nataliia.chekh@rai.it

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