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Genre: Period Drama

Synopsis: Turin, 1967. Cesare Corvara is the head of the heart surgery department of the “Le Molinette” hospital and has a great dream: to lead the team that will perform the first heart transplant in history. To do so, he decided to bring the most brilliant heart surgeon he has ever met, Alberto Ferraris, back to Italy. When Alberto’s father died in ’47, Cesare took the boy under his protective wing. Alberto becomes his protégé and today he is like a son for him. To accomplish this feat, in addition to Alberto, Cesare decided to bring back from America a special cardiologist, Delia Brunello, endowed with a diagnostic capacity bordering on the supernatural. Cesare has so much faith in her that he is sure that Delia will be able to overcome the resistance of a male-dominated environment such as the medical one. And then he trusts Alberto and the help he will be able to give her, so he puts them to work together, confident that the two brightest minds in the hospital will be able to support him in the most important undertaking of his life. What Cesare does not know is that Delia and Alberto were about to get married six years earlier and move to Houston, where Delia, the only one in her degree course, had obtained a scholarship. Then something went wrong and that love that seemed destined to last forever ended. Perhaps finding himself working closely together after having loved each other so much is a sign that fate is offering him an opportunity to resolve, once and for all, what was abruptly interrupted.

Around them is the hospital of “Le Molinette”: the nuns who manage the ward and pray that everything always goes well, the nurses always busy in the long wards and who sometimes fall in love with the doctors, the patients who are looking for distractions from the monotony of the hospitalization, entertaining themselves between personal stories and compelling gossip readings.

Everyone at the “Molinette”, sooner or later, has to deal with their heart.

Director: Riccardo Donna

Cast: Daniele Pecci, Matteo Martari, Pilar Fogliati, Andrea Gherpelli

Duration: 16 x 50’

Year: 2021

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