Corps de Ballet. The Giselle adventure at La Scala Theater



Synopsis: for the first time, the dancers of La Scala become the protagonists of a docu-serie, showing their personal and professional lives without filters. The documentary shows behind the scenes of one of the most important dance companies in the world, and it follows the complex path to bring the “Giselle” on stage, considered the symbol of romantic ballet. The spectator will get to know the dancers in their public role and in their private profile and will realize the enormous difficulty behind a seemingly simple movement. The show is made up of talent, athletic prowess, technical preparation and artistic inspiration built in years of individual and collective work.

Written by: Riccardo Brun, Annalisa Mutariello, Paolo Rossetti e Francesco Siciliano

Music: Franco Piersanti

Special Guest: Carla Fracci

Duration: 12 x 25’

Year: 2021

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