Survivors of World War Two


Documentary | 107 minutes | 2022 | 4K | USA







In this series of interviews, Jewish-European survivors of World War Two tell their stories. All escaped Europe, some went back to fight, one got on a ship to Israel after the war to fight in the 1948 War of Independence. All have a unique story that history should not forget.

Dr. Lotte Marcus tells her story of being a Jewish girl in Vienna just as Hitler takes over Austria. She managed to escape to Shanghai. Others in her family were not so lucky. After World War Two, she emigrated to Hollywood, then Carmel, California where she raised a family and became a doctor.

Dr. George Hahn was born in Vienna. As a Jewish teenager, he was lucky enough to escape just as the Nazis were taking over Austria. He managed to get to the United States and, when he became old enough to enlist, he joined the American Army and went back to Europe to fight in World War Two. After the war, he graduated from UC Berkeley and became a doctor at Stanford University.

Tom Tugend was able to leave Berlin months before World War Two began, joined the American Army once he became old enough to enlist and fought with the Allies. After the war, he came back to the States but soon found himself taking a ship to Israel to fight in the 1948 War of Independence.

Cast: Lotte Marcus, George Hahn & Tom Tugend. Interviewer, Editor & Director: Phil Gorn


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