Find & Design


Home Design Series | 24 minutes x 4 episodes | 2021 | 4K | USA


Episode 1: Password: Homey1

Episode 2: Password: Homey2

Episode 3: Password: Homey3

Episode 4: Password: Homey4

Website: design.html#


Jay Montepare & Tiara Parker-Ragland

Directed by DeWaun Ragland

Producers: Tiara Parker-Ragland & DeWaun Ragland


Find & Design explores the world of multi-million-dollar homes with unique designs and then shows the viewer how to recreate that design in their own home.

Jay Montepare provides his colorful personality & extensive insight to entertain and teach in an easy, fun way. Tour with him through extravagant homes and learn how to recreate an expensive look in your own home for an inexpensive price.

Each episode features a new home with new ideas for design. We sprinkle in other celebrity designers who provide their expertise and Do-It-Yourself tips.

Tiara Parker-Ragland is the lovely hostess who encapsulates the elegant vibe of this new series that explains how to DIY, save money and improve your home.

Don’t envy that home on the hill. Have that home on the hill – or at least part of it – and design it yourself!


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Phil Gorn, CEO
1032 Irving Street, #130
San Francisco, CA   94122
+1 310.482.1324

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