Dead On Time


Action | 94 minutes | 2018 | HD | UK & USA



Password: OuttaTime



Escaping from Morocco during the Arab Spring but stranded in Spain, a scientist tries to find safety with his time machine invention. He is aided by an American Action Hero stranded in the 80´s. As clandestine forces close in, our heroes must avoid capture by the U.S. Army, the local militia and an unknown enemy – while trying not to kill each other in the process.


Semi-Finalist: Near Nazareth Festival (2020) Official Selection: London Lift-Off Film Festival


“Dead on Time is difficult to appreciate at first, but the combination of comedy and intensity that surrounds Sjogren along with the passion and enthusiasm that is behind each scene makes all the absurdities worth watching. The movie presents the world with one of the strangest stories and oddest duos that I’ve seen in a long time. However, like the rest of the film, the juxtaposition is what makes the film possible and successful. The initial struggle is worth it as, by the end of Dead on Time, you will be able to appreciate the brilliant combination of comedy and casualties.” – Kyle Bain, Film Threat

“At the end of the day “Dead on Time” was a fun little film that has more good to offer than bad. Or perhaps the good is the bad – it’s hard to tell. The average Joe may struggle at first but if they can stick it out, I’m pretty sure they’ll agree that this is a fun little piece of indie filmmaking. An awkward but totally cool way to spend ninety minutes – three and a half stars.” – Will Conrad, Indyred

“Sjogren and Mustaine’s screenplay is light-hearted, fast-paced and, crucially, treats the whole set-up with a knowing wink. Sjogren and Zouaoui enjoy a comic chemistry and their misadventures through rounds of Russian Roulette, Arab terrorist camps and war-torn countryside play out like a demented blend of The Odd Couple, The Deer Hunter and Rambo.” – Lawrence Bennie, UK Film Review


John Sjogren (Choke)

Mohamed Zouaoui (Farida)

Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight)

Affif Ben Badra (The Ottoman Lieutenant)

Colt Cabana (WWE)

Directed by Rish Mustaine


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