A Christmas Cancellation


Romantic Comedy | 92 minutes | 2020 | 4K | 5.1 audio | USA

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password: TrumanShow

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Film Festivals & Awards:

WINNER: Best Feature Film, New York Film Awards

WINNER: Best Editing, HONORABLE MENTION: Best Actress, OFFICIAL SELECTION, American Golden Picture International Film Festival

FINALIST: Apulia Web Fest

HONORABLE MENTION: Best Original Story, WINNER: Best Makeup/Hair, Best Actress, OFFICIAL SELECTION, Venice Film Awards

SILVER MEDALIST: Audience Favorite, WINNER: Best Actress, Columbia Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: North Beach Film Festival SEMI-FINALIST: New York Cinematography Awards FINALIST: Canadian Cinematography Awards FINALIST: Florence Movie Awards


Lauren Meley, Marcus Ellison, Elliott Kashner, Carolyn Kashner & Joe Mayes Written & Directed by Justin Timpane


In the theme of “The Truman Show” & “Pleasantville”, the fictional characters in the popular sitcom “Suburbia” come to realize they’re not real… and the show is ending. Now in the season’s finale, the characters must find a way to keep the show going or they will cease to exist.

With Christmas fast approaching, a group of friends begin to realize not all is what it seems – they are characters in a sit-com. What also becomes clear is this is the last episode and the show is set to be cancelled. Thus begins a different kind of plot, one to save the show itself and the impending doom that comes with cancellation.

Filled with heart, laughs, drama, and Christmas cheer, A CHRISTMAS CANCELLATION is a genre bending, thought provoking, movie within a show.


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