Miner’s Memory, Hwagwang Apartment


Genre: Documentary / History, Civilization

Format: HD

Year: 2020

Duration: 48min x 1ep

Hwagwang Apartment is a housing complex for coal miners working at Jangseong Mining station, and its construction was completed in June 1978. Hwagwang Apartment, the first apartment ever built in Taebaek more than four decades ago, is about to be torn down in 2020. Although it is about to come down in June, among approximately 200 households, around 50 households are still yet to move out, and many people still reside in the complex.

Hwagwang Apartment is a housing complex, a common type to be found in almost half of all buildings in Korea. However, it is very much different from urban apartments which often fall victim to greedy speculation. This film intends to shed light on historical aspect of Hwagwang Apartment, an old architect in Korea, by recording the lives of residents until the apartment is demolished. Let’s bring the spotlight to these residents at mining station, at a time where fossil fuel is phasing out.


Hyunjung KIM / Manager, Korea Content Village

+82 70 5147 0623



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