Forever young


Genre: Entertainment

Format: HD

Year: 2017~2021

Duration: 50min x 140ep

The elderly population is growing, and the age of the centenarians are here. With society aging, there is a striking lack of intercommunication between the age groups. The present era can be seen as the fruit of the silver generation’s efforts; they have a wealth of understanding and wisdom. This program shows retirees volunteering their talents and know-how, and seeks insight into developing solutions to issues arising from an increasingly aging society.

An aging population is quickly becoming a major global issue, with many struggling to develop answers. The target audience of this program, Forever Young, are the elderly. Especially those senior citizens who lack access despite the surplus of available existing resources; those who are talented but struggle to find opportunities; those who seek self-realization; and those that seek a challenge. This program contains kernels of insight that aging Asian and European regions would particularly appreciate.


Hyunjung KIM / Manager, Korea Content Village

+82 70 5147 0623

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