Flying GOBI


Genre: Documentary / Nature, Wildlife

Format: HD

Year: 2018

Duration: 60min x 2ep

The world’s first challenge to fly 2,000km to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia by paragliding! The sky path of Gobi Desert of Mongolia, the extreme land on Earth. Furthermore, the three paragliders that represent Korea and their expedition that challenge ground traverse. The record of the desperate traverse of Korea’s Gobi Avengers opens the ‘path of humans’ by seeking the ‘wind’ of the Gobi Desert.

1. World’s first challenge to traverse Mongolia’s ‘Gobi Desert’ by paragliding 2,000km

2. A human story that deals with the 60 days of struggle of the three members of the national paragliding team and their expedition

3. The greatness of humankind that can be seen through the life, lifestyle and history of Gobi Desert nomads encountered during the challenge


Hyunjung KIM / Manager, Korea Content Village

+82 70 5147 0623

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