Five Hundred Arhats of Changnyeongsa Temple Site, Yeongwol: Reflection of Our Hearts


Genre: Documentary / Science, Knowledge

Format: HD

Year: 2020

Duration: 60min x 1ep

It is a strange sight to behold. Some people are in tears; some are donning faint smiles; others wear a mask of deep contemplation. However, each visitor exiting the exhibition radiated an aura of repose, and their comments about the exhibit were more akin to a confessional rite. A total of 300 million exhibition-goers flocked to the special exhibition of Arhat statues. We were curious. What power was imbued in these statues’ faces? Science has revealed the secret behind the 12cm tall faces.

A study of the Arhat statues’ faces uncovers the facial characteristics of the people who lived in the region a thousand years ago, and we reveal the millenia-long chronology of the Korean face.


Hyunjung KIM / Manager, Korea Content Village

+82 70 5147 0623

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