Ansim Marsh


Genre: Documentary / Nature,Wildlife

Format: UHD/HD

Year: 2020

Duration: 56min x 1ep

UHD 4K documentary film features the beauty of four seasons in ‘Ansim Marsh,’ a lively ecological jewel in an urban area, and its ecological value. Geumho river originates from Po-hang, North Kyungsang in Korea and stretches through Daegu up to Nakdong river, serving as an important, ecological backbone. In Daerim-dong, Donggu, Daegu, there lies Ansim Marsh that occupies as much as 164,000㎡ along the Geumho river bank. We have filmed diverse living creatures inhabiting Ansim Marsh, a manifestation of biodiversity, over the past one year, featuring sceneries of four seasons. We aim to highlight the importance of preserving marsh and protecting environment.


Hyunjung KIM / Manager, Korea Content Village

+82 70 5147 0623

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