Genre: Thriller

Director: E.oni

Cast: UM Jee-won, KONG Hyo-jin, KIM Hie-won, PARK Hae-jun

Release: Nov 30,2016

Running Time: 100min   

5days of mother’s desperate chasing of daughter begins

Working in TV series marketing, Ji-sun’s daily life is like a war: not only struggling hard at work, she’s involved in a custody battle for her 18-month-old daughter Da-eun. The baby Da-eun spends most of the time with the nanny Han-mae. Luckily, Da-eun seems to get along well with her nanny. One day, when Ji-sun gets back home after work, she finds both Han-mae and Da-eun disappeared. Due to the custody battle, Ji-sun doesn’t dare to call the police. She starts by asking the neighbor, who first introduced Han-mae. But the neighbor already quit the job, and Han-mae’s certification turns out to be someone else’s…




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