King David


Genre: Biblical Serie

Episodes: 30×60’

Our story begins in Bethlehem, an Israelite territory, in the year 1045 B.C. David is 10 years old and is preparing to herd his father Jesse’s flock of sheep. Being the youngest of seven brothers, David is tasked with being the household servant. He’s been relegated beneath his brothers because they all have the honor of being brave warriors for King Saul.

David grows up and becomes a good shepherd but still remains humble, sensitive and loving. Always accompanied by his harp, David composes beautiful Psalms and prayers to God. King Saul on the other hand, disobeys God’s laws as well as God himself. Speaking through his prophet Samuel, God tells Saul that he will replace him with someone worthy, someone who will follow what is in his heart. Having said this, God withdraws his favor from King Saul and he becomes tormented by an evil spirit.

King Saul starts health fails and he becomes depressed. Only David’s music can soothe him. At this point, David splits his days between his family duties and the King. He is then anointed as God’s chosen one to replace King Saul. One day, in camp, while bringing his brothers food, David hears the Kings decree that whoever manages to defeat the army of God’s enemies shall have all the riches imaginable and his daughter’s hand in marriage. Despite David’s slim physique, he accepts the challenge and kills Goliath. From this moment on, by God’s will and with the acclaim of the people, David becomes the new King of Israel. David weds Michal, which unchains a series of conflicts. By a series of events David is taken far from home and as if by destiny, he meets Abigail, whom he marries. He also keeps several lovers but his preferred wife is Bathsheba with whom he has a second son, after losing their first son, fruit of their forbidden love. David’s life is marked by love and hate, intrigue, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. David’s legacy is to show mankind that all men are capable of committing sin and injustice, but that they’ll only find the path when they obey God’s laws.

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