Joseph of Egypt


Genre: Biblical Serie

Episodes: 38×60’

Joseph was born around 1716 BC, in Haran, region of Mesopotamia, a ‘miracle‘ son. He is the son of Rachel, a sterile woman and the most loved wife of Jacob, who is already an old man when his son is born. Joseph soon becomes the favorite son.

Joseph receives an ornamented tunic from Jacob, symbolizing he was chosen as his successor. Unaccepting of their father‘s decision and overcome by envy, the brothers decide to teach Joseph a lesson, throwing him into a deep well with no way out and they then sell the brother as a slave.

Joseph is taken to Egypt. The young Hebrew becomes the servant of Potiphar, head of the Pharaoh Apepi‘s guard. Sati, the commander‘s wife, begins to feel a burning desire for Joseph, and does everything to conquer his heart, but always fails. Furious, she gets back at Joseph by lying and saying the Hebrew tried to rape her. Potiphar sends him to prison.

Pharaoh Apepi begins to be tormented by strange nightmares and, when he finds out that Joseph has the gift to interpret dreams, he calls him to the royal palace. After hearing Apepi‘s dream, Joseph reveals that Egypt will enjoy seven years of bounty, which will then be replaced by long period of famine. Joseph also says it will be necessary to store enough food during the bounty period to supply the people during the times of lamentation.

When hunger arrives in Canaan, Jacob sends his sons in search of food in Egypt, because he learns it is the only place on earth with food. Upon arriving before the respected governor of Egypt, Jacob‘s sons do not recognize him as their brother under the Egyptian clothing. But Joseph recognizes them and he is forced to hide in order to cry, in deep pain, almost twenty years after the betrayal. Now, only Joseph can save the brothers who made him suffer so much in the past.

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