Globo Highlights Catalog of Classic Telenovelas and New Successful Productions for Russia


Hidden Truths

Producer of the hit “The Clone” reinforces relationship with Russian audience through the diversity of stories in tune with local demands  

Globo, the largest content producer in Latin America, and Russian audiences have a long-standing relationship: for decades Brazilian telenovelas have been delighting the country, from major productions such as “The Clone”, “Laços de Família” and “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, which became quite disseminated locally. Strengthening this connection with the Russian audience, Globo highlights a catalog of available stories, ranging from classic and successful telenovelas in the Russian language, to a diversity of new productions with themes that connect with the current demands of the local audience. 

One of the great cases that reflect the connection of Globo’s stories with the Russian audience is the telenovela “The Clone”, a passionate and intense multi-award winning and critically acclaimed about a forbidden love involving the ethical questions surrounding human cloning. Currently on air in the country on the UTV channel, the production is part of a diverse catalog of stories available in Russian – award-winning productions at international festivals, and global references in the entertainment industry that remain current and continue to get new fans. 

“Globo has a history of very successful telenovela in Russia, a very close connection with the Russian public. And because it is an extremely strategic market, we seek to understand the desires of Russian audiences and the themes most in demand in the country to offer our local partners the most relevant stories that engage, entertain and excite. What we want is, from our productions, be they classic telenovelas or even content still unseen in the country such as our Original Globoplay series, to generate value to our partners: to understand their challenges, their objectives and join efforts to bring more results,” says Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo. Regarding the new productions with excellent repercussion and audience in various territories around the world, Globo highlights the telenovela ‘Once We Were Six’, ‘A Life Worth Living’ and ‘Sweet Diva’, as well as series such as ‘Hidden Truths’ and the launch ‘A Woman’s Fate’. 

One of the great successes, the telenovela ‘A Life Worth Living’ brings a positive message about the value of life. The production was audience leader in its time slot in Portugal, and one of the most watched programs on Pay TV, increasing the slot’s audience by 30% compared to the previous program. In addition, on the Teledoce channel in Uruguay, it reached the leadership of the slot throughout its exhibition, considering the audience between 18-49 years old. Thus, the plot reached the position of third most watched product in the whole country. The plot is currently airing in countries such as Poland and Belgium.

Another highlight within the offered catalog is the telenovela ‘Sweet Diva’ – a super-production which deals with forbidden love and resilience, with the confectionery universe as a backdrop. Aired on Free TV in the United States by Univision channel, the story put the network in the second place of programming on FreeTV in its last episodes, ahead of channels like CBS and NBC in the 10 PM slot. The final episode of the production attracted more than 1.7 million viewers, and earned the largest audience in the slot. In Eastern Europe, on Latvian TV3, the telenovela achieved relevant consolidated results, reaching 7.3% share – well above the channel’s average, which is 4.2%. Walcyr Carrasco’s work has already been licensed to more than 60 countries.

Meanwhile, the telenovela ‘Once We Were Six’ promises to win the hearts of the Russian audieence with the story of a classic family drama of 50 episodes that tells the details of the family saga of a matriarch who struggles to maintain unity and harmony between her children and husband, despite all the obstacles in life.

Globo also highlights the award-winning production ‘Hidden Truths’, a 2015 International Emmy-winning plot that explores the limits of each person when it comes to obsession, money and pleasure. At the center of the story is a beautiful young woman full of dreams, Angel (Camila Queiroz), who, willing to become a model, gets involved in a prostitution scheme and meets a powerful and obsessive businessman, letting herself be carried away by a dark reality that goes far beyond the runways. The production was a worldwide phenomenon, and is available as a 50-episode super-series and a 12-episode series version. The second season has already been confirmed for 2021 and is still being recorded in Brazil.

Regarding the new series, the Original Globoplay production ‘A Woman’s Fate’ brings actress Giovanna Antonelli, who became famous for her performance as Jade in “O Clone”, as the protagonist of a drama involving her character Lívia, as well as Stella (Renata Sorrah), and Cléo, (Vanessa Giácomo) – three women who are in different situations and go through decisive phases. During her golden wedding party, Stella decides to ask for a divorce. The attitude affects the lives of everyone around her, especially her daughter Lívia and the hitherto unknown Cléo. From this moment on, the three women begin to have their lives connected and, in an attempt to create new paths, they will help each other to build, voluntarily or not, a new version of themselves.

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