Registration Area Branding



Your promotion banners in the registration area of the market: on the registration desk, on walls located left and right sides of the entrance to the exhibition hall. Excellent visibility in this high traffic area. 

Banners are made from high quality polyester textile with high density (220g/m2). Printing is carried out by sublimation method with high resolution (1440 dpi).

All banners can be used many times. At the end of the market, you can take the banner with you.

Cost of services

The price includes printing and installation of banners.

NumberLocationSize, mmCost
1Registration desk2700 х 1067€ 1,000
2, 5Pillar to the left and right of the entrance to the hall1040 х 2860 € 500
3, 4Walls to the left and right of the entrance to the hall2175 х 2865€ 2,000
6Large premium banner in the registration area3260 х 2825€ 3,000
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