The Witch



This is the story of two characters that categorically influenced the political fate of the seventies, changing the future of the country: Amanda Mora, a teacher who is initiated into witchcraft and her talent makes her the most renowned and influential witch in the nation. Jaime Cruz is the first drug dealer in the country who wants to take over everything. To achieve what he wants there’s Amanda who uses her influences to unleash the first relationship between drug dealers and politicians in the country, setting up a meeting between Jaime Cruz and the Governor of her department. Both, advised by Amanda, consolidate a great political power in the province, winning the elections and giving out jobs to crush their enemies. The Governor, charmed by Amanda’s powers, introduces her to the President of the country in order for her to get some “work” done related to witchcraft. Her influence is so great that she becomes his personal advisor. This alliance among witchcraft, drug dealing and politics soon provoked a huge scandal nationwide which was the beginning of the end for Amanda and Jaime Cruz. The country was never the same.


Paloma García Cuesta
International Sales Director Europe and Africa
Phone: +34 696 02 56 45

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