The Cartel 1



The story revolves around 10 friends, all of them members of a dangerous drug cartel, whose ambition for power and money will cause them to eventually kill each other. Martin Gonzalez, a determined and daring adolescent, from a middle class background, desperately begs his bosom friend to convince his eldest brother to let him be initiated into the drug trafficking world, as an assistant in a cocaine laboratory. Ignoring that this decision will be the starting point for a frenzied and stormy life and that it will change his destiny for good, Martin begins to work at the laboratory, backed by the big drug boss in the region: Oscar Cadena. Money pours in and the goods are delivered smoothly. As days go by, Martin sees his fortune grow by leaps and bounds. He soon falls in love with Sofia, a gorgeous young girl that aspires to become the National Beauty Queen. Feeling ashamed of where his wealth comes from, Martin lies to Sofia about his profession until he is so loaded that no possible lie can be bought. Sofia demands that he chooses between her and drug dealing. Martin will try to give up but he is already deeply involved in a world from which you cannot escape. What begins as an adventure on which, as youngsters, they embark upon with the only aim of becoming wealthy will end up in tragedy for each and every one of them. The pact they seal when they set out will break in a thousand pieces when they are faced with the prospect of being killed or imprisoned… For it is an undeniable truth that, in this business, you always lose.


Paloma García Cuesta
International Sales Director Europe and Africa
Phone: +34 696 02 56 45

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