La Victoria is a small town that may be very well described as a “green hell”; where the ways of the jungle is law, fed by the greed awakened by emeralds. The Guerrero family will arrive there thinking that they could escape the violence of the city they have been victims. Alejandro Guerrero, father of Ricardo, Eduardo and Olga Guerrero, are forced to live in this distant place, where the emerald bonanza generates blood and violent episodes that are repeated from one generation to the next. In the middle of this war, Alejandro will have to face Patricio Ortega, the great patron of the region, from the moment of his arrival they will clash not only because they have opposite principles but also because the most wanted woman by the Patron, sets her eyes and her heart on him. As the war in La Victoria deepens, Alejandro Guerrero will face a difficult personal battle as he watches how his three children take paths that go against their principles: Eduardo will become everything Alejandro despises, a greedy, limitless and soulless man capable of fighting his own brother to death for the power of the region, especially for the love of a woman. Olga will take the wrong path by marrying a man and loving another one; she will dedicate her life to saving an impossible love with the town´s priest. Ricardo, who seemed to be the only one that would follow his father´s values, ends up committing the only sin that will ruin his life for many years: falling in love with the woman who will soon become his brother´s wife, a secret that will be unveiled when she gets pregnant and nobody knows which one of the Guerrero brothers is the father. This saga doesn´t seem to have an end, counting the three bloody wars that have taken over the region; where confrontations are generated in the rush to become rich, creating the Emerald War.



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