See What I See 3



26 MIN (each episode)

Different travel styles for different people! Take your pick

Everyone has their own travel styles and preferences.

Instead of following preset itineraries, design your own trip according to what you like. We offer customized travel ideas that will satisfy the needs of a diverse range of viewers.

Real and honest vlog-style travel guide

K-pop band members and vloggers of different nationalities and backgrounds will lead the way as Hallyu travel guides.
Instead of delivering just facts and figures, they share travel tips with the viewers based on their own experiences.

Short and powerful

Each vlogger presents a different travel style, which is captured in a short but engaging video that’s 7-8 minutes long.

The most Korean of items

Cultural items that are familiar to Koreans can be completely new and different to foreigners. We select uniquely Korean items that will appeal to our global viewers!

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Arirang TV

TV & Radio Headquarters | Content Distribution Center
Arirang Tower 2351 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06713, Korea

Boram, Cheena
Phone: 82-2-3475-5074 (office)

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