My Brilliant Friend 1-3 (The New Season Is Coming)


Genre: Period Drama

Synopsis: “My Brilliant Friend” is the story of a deep friendship in the fifties, told with the pressing rhythm of today. Elena and Lila are at first

children, and then adolescents living in the working-class district of a corrupt Naples. The district is their entire world, where everything

happens: violence and abuse of power are ordinary life and study seems the only way to escape it. Elena is the narrative voice: rational

and determined. Lila is dark, she has dark hair, dark eyes and she has a spontaneous, irreverent, spiteful intelligence. They cross together

the inevitable transformations of adolescence, driven by a strong imagination, but stuck in the predefined roles on the woman as mother,

daughter and wife. There, studying is a presumption and violence is on the agenda. The beginning of the economic growth in Italy

changes the boundaries of the neighbourhood and the friendship is shaken, like the neighbourhood, at its roots.

Director: Saverio Costanzo

Cast: Elisa Del Genio, Ludovica Nasti, Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco

Duration: 24 x 50’

Year: 2018 – 2021

Contact Info:

Margherita Zocaro — International Sales
Phone: +39 335 7557907

Nataliia Chekh
International Sales

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