Soundtrack for the Turkish TV series “Queen of the Night”


Khabar Agency offers an audio track in Russian from episodes 1-49

Celine is a beautiful young girl whose mother is French and her father is Turkish. Celine lives in France and owns a small perfume shop. Once fate brings her to the influential Turkish businessman Aziz, whose wife died during childbirth, leaving two children to the grief-stricken man. Aziz also adopted the child of his deceased friend, a 3-year-old boy named Kartal, raising him as his own son. After the death of his wife, Aziz closed his heart for a long time to such a feeling as love, without even thinking about remarriage. But everything changed dramatically when he saw the beautiful Celine in front of him, it was love at first sight. The situation escalates when the adopted son of a businessman, Kartal, appears on the horizon. He is young, handsome, smart and rich. And he… falls in love with Celine at first sight. Kartal begins to show the warmest feelings for the girl, despite the fact that his father is madly in love with Celine too. What will the confrontation between father and son lead to over one woman? Tormented by doubts, Celine will also face a difficult choice: Aziz or Kartal?


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Aryngazy Karina

Khabar Agency
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