The Return of The Camelids


Genre: Documentary, Wildlife

From China to South America, in passing through the Sahara, caravan routes have been taken over by mechanized transport.  Now camelids, camels, dromedaries and llamas, must be reconverted, to continue bringing life to the most arid regions of the world. They must support the millions of people who live there, and thus avoid a fatal exodus towards the outskirts of megacities.

Going beyond the outdated image that often accompanies them, we visit 14 countries to explore these camelids – with or without humps ; to meet the men and women, farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers, who innovate and mobilize to create new industries, and thus allow the camelid family, symbol of adaption, resistance and economy, to  play a major role in the modern world. The camelid revolution is advancing!

Contact Information:

Christophe Pecot
Business Developer
59 Passage Choiseul
75002, Paris
+33 6 16 48 35 41

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