Contact With Legendary Fishes


Genre: Documentary, Wildlife, Hunting & Fishing

Our full HD documentary series follows the adventures of Frank Hiribarne, fisherman extraordinaire, as he tracks down the world’s most legendary fish. Each one of the 15 episodes shows Franck in a new destination, from Amazonia to the Golden Triangle, from Texas rivers to Egyptian lakes, traveling the world in search of these fabled predators. Humility, patience, observation, experience, strength and passion are the keys to his success. “Contact!” is a voyage to faraway, exotic destinations, an encounter with people from all walks of life, and a chance to share Franck’s love of fishing and the great outdoors.

Contact Information:

Christophe Pecot
Business Developer
59 Passage Choiseul
75002, Paris
+33 6 16 48 35 41

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